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Brixton Football Company public improvements program

Playing football in Brixton just got even better.

We’ve been busying working on some major changes to our website over the last few months to improve your user experience and increase functionality.

  • New layout
  • Responsive tables that can be sorted by column
  • New team and player pages
  • New fixture and result pages
  • New result pages- with a wealth of new stats and timeline (exampled pictured)
  • Comparative stats and leader boards

There is a great deal more to come so get exploring, we’ll update you as soon as we. We hope you are enjoying the journey. Sign your team up here.



Now accepting the @BrixtonPound

We’re proud to announce that The Brixton Football Company are now accepting the Brixton Pound – our very own local currency.

The Brixton Football Company is the only football league provider to accept the Brixton Pound.

Paying your match fees is now even easier with the pay-by-text facility.  It’s safe, and incredibly easy to use – so much so that teams can pay their match fees while pitch-side waiting to play.

Using the Brixton Pound supports local businesses and encourages local trade.  Changing the way we pay for goods and services has the power to effect social and environmental change.

Furthermore, we’re offering teams who pay using the Brixton Pound a 10% discount on their match fees.

Click here to learn more about the Brixton Pound.

B£ accepted here

NEW Brixton 3G Sunday 7 a-side – Starting 21st January – Team Spaces Available

Now a mainstay The Brixton Football Company’s Sunday 7-a-side league is set to expand in the new year.

Our new season will get underway on 21st January and will continue to be played at the award-winning Evelyn Grace Academy, which is located at the bottom of Moorland Road (just off Coldharbour Lane) – with easy access to central Brixton and all its amenities.

40min games played on a spacious, all-weather 3G pitch (that is in pristine condition) – meaning games will go ahead come rain or shine, and only snow and ice will get in our way. The size of the pitch means you get to spray the ball about about without height restrictions and perfect your corner routines.

The league will take place between 12pm and 4pm, with KO times of 1200, 1240, 1320 1400, 1440 & 1520. Perfect for those that want to play football in the day and still catch Super Sunday in the pub.

We provide an FA qualified referee, FIFA grade match balls, equipment, and online support (including tables, fixtures & results) and a wealth of statistics – all you need to do is turn up and play.

To get your team signed up click here

For more information on other leagues, drop us a contact Kaysha at

Winter Season 2017 Wrap Up

As we near the end of our winter break, we thought we would look back on least football league season over at Evelyn Grace Academy. The top-end of the table was as below:


After 12 games Bricks Town Unity are returned as undisputed kings of Brixton football, they also achieve unprecedented feat of an undefeated season, something yet to be seen before. Especially through a winter season, which are usually pocked by illness, hangover and poor weather. They are followed by Das Muts who put together a strong come-back season after finding themselves way off the pace in their previous outing. Third are Brixton stalwarts and one-time champs Man Dem United whose slow start to the season left them playing catch up.


RankPlayerClubPositionGoalsMOTMDraw RatioLoss Ratio
1engIbrahim AdegbiteFC Michels 1910Forward1120.0075.00
2engSteve BantickBricks Town UnityMidfielder10325.000.00
3engAshley JonesDas MutsForward810.0025.00

Our top scorer is striker Ibrahim (no surname necessary), who edges out all-star midfielder Steve Bantick and brusier of a centre forward Ashley Jones.

RankPlayerClubPositionGoalsMOTMWeightWin RatioDraw RatioLoss Ratio
1engSteve BantickBricks Town UnityMidfielder103-75.0025.000.00
2engIbrahim AdegbiteFC Michels 1910Forward112-50.000.0075.00
3engAlex TwomeyAls BoysForward62-50.0050.000.00

Our player of the season is Steve Bantick who collects another well deserved accolade having just missed out on Top Scorer this time around- many congratulations.

A League for Locals



One of the founding principles of the Brixton Football Company is to create a league that is truly reflective of our local community. Seeking the best 7 a-side team in Brixton means seeking diversity in our entrants so that our teams converge on each other from differing walks of life.

We want to break away from the hollow corporate approach that has come to define how small-sided football is played across London and build something hyper-local, from the ground up. We consider all of our players / teams stakeholders in our project and take a very hands-on approach to our work. We take pride in getting to know our players and more pride yet in our teams getting to know each other.

With limited time to fit a game of the football into your week its important that when you do play the experience is enjoyable. A big part of what makes the Brixton Football Company unique is the atmosphere around the league. Regardless of your result there is always the chance to sink a pint and relax afterward. We are now working with a number of local partners to ensure the benefits of playing with us go way beyond what you achieve on the field.

Welcome to Football as it should be…

South London’s newest [hyper-local] football league provider.
We are two guys who, between us, have over 10 years experience of running afterwork football leagues.
We have always had our own ideas on how social football leagues should work, and so theBrixton Football Company is us putting our ideas into action.
Our primary aim is to have a handful of local football leagues that we manage personally, from our Brixton base.
There will be a strong emphasis on 7-a-side football, as this is the format we feel team’s now want to play.
Our aim is to stay small and personable, and, in doing so, to avoid the pitfalls that many of our larger competitors fall in to.
The best leagues are those where teams get to know each other – therefore one of our aims will be to establish a post-match hub in a nearby pub.
We want to run leagues that put the interests of teams/players first – and no one else.  We also only want to operate leagues that we would happily play in ourselves (and be proud to call our own).
The Brixton Football Company‘s inaugural Stockwell 7-a-side competition (Wednesdays, 6-8pm) launches next month (October 2014).
We provide the pitch, referee and equipment – as well as online assistance (including tables, fixtures & stats).